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What Makes Kong Ballers Special

Having Mr. Tracy Murray (NBA Champion, former assistant coach of LA Lakers) as part of our core team and ambassador opens doors to many valuable connections to experiences, events, items, and players. The community will only become stronger as we connect with more people from the basketball world.

Benefits and activities planned for NFT Holders:

  1. Chance to own unique collectible items - Two 2022 All-star game-worn jackets for raffles: Devin Booker and Zach Lavine More to come in our future monthly raffle
  2. NBA League Pass - Holders of Epic or above level NFTs are entitled to a free NBA League pass for the coming season
  3. Stake your NFT to earn $KBC. $KBC can be used to join future member-only activities, redeem merchandise and get exclusive whitelist spots in future collaborations and NFT drops.
  4. Monthly Giveaways - Sneakers, Jackets, Tees, and more...
  5. Fantasy League tournament with prizes
  6. NBA 2K tournament with prizes
  7. Exclusive access to basketball training camps provided by our partners
  8. Live basketball games watch parties in the metaverse
  9. 30% of the NFT royalties will be shared among NFT holders
  10. Give back to the community and support youth basketball development


There are 5 distinct series in the collection

All Stars

Hall of Fame



Slam Dunk

Each NFT comes with a background that categories the rank it belongs to.

Game Plan

Q1 2022 (Completed)
  • Social Media and Discord Launch
  • Whitelists and Collab with campaigns from different channels (Fashion, Sneakers, etc)
  • Distinct NFT Series announcement
Q2 2022
  • Exclusive invite-only presale
  • Whitelisted presale
  • Public sale
  • Monthly Raffle and merch giveaway
  • NFT Staking
  • NFTs listed on NFT marketplaces (MagicEden, Opensea, Artemis, and more)
  • NBA Playoff & Finals viewing party
  • Weekly Fantasy League tournament (See FAQ 9)
Q3 - Q4 2022
  • Monthly eSport NBA2K series Basketball Tournament (See FAQ 8)
  • NBA League Pass giveaways*
  • Sponsorship to Prodigy Athletic Institute
  • Monthly Raffle and merch giveaway
  • Weekly Fantasy League tournament
  • Sneaker donations
The future...

To be stewarded by the Kong ballers community

*Promotions are offered by the Kong Ballers team independently. There is no partnership between the team and the organization mentioned in this offer.

Front Office

The Kongueror
Crypto Enthusiastic Object
Chris C.
Co-founder, Executive Managing Director
  • 20 years of experience in technology and the digital marketing industry.
  • As a team leader to manage the global social media platforms for a Forbes 100 company.
  • Executive Producer of US Pro-Ball Legend - Macao 2011 Exhibition game in Venetian hotel Macau.
    Stars: Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Gary Payton, Shawn Kemp, Clifford Robinson, Voshon Lenard, Dale Ellis, Kenny Anderson, Vin Baker, Mark Blount, Clyde Drexler, Mitch Richmond, Horace Grant, Penny Hardaway, etc.
Daddy Baller
Shadowy Degen Coder
Alex A.Y.
Co-founder, Technical Director
  • 15+ years in building online products
  • Technical Leadership roles in the past decade
  • Worked across different sectors, including AdTech, Marketing & Branding, Technical Development and Venture Capital
Mr Splash
Digital Idea Dunker
Kingson T.
Co-founder, Marketing Director
  • Over 15 years of experience in building building brands.
  • Served as a CEO, led his previous company to collaborate with celebrities and top brands such as Electronic Arts and Universal Studios.
The Ambassador
Tracy M.
Partner, Brand Ambassador
  • NBA Championship - 1995 Houston Rockets
  • Former LA Lakers assistant coach
  • UCLA Hall of Fame
  • Analyst of the Slam Dunk (ABC)
  • Analyst on the UCLA Sports Networt
  • 20+ years of youth training program with Prodigy Athletic
Net Prophet
Honest Illusionist
Nes H.
Lead Designer

Based in California, USA Nes Hernandez has been creating basketball-inspired artwork since the early 2000s. As one of the pioneers of "Sneaker Tees" his design work is well known in the sneaker community around the country.

Worldwide Tef
Purpose Pusher
Matt “Worldwide Tef” Santos
Executive Director of player and brand

The Brand Man has over 20 years of mentorship coaching, branding, and marketing development experience in the entertainment and professional sports industry.

Miss Kong
META Cheerledaer
Karlie C.
Community Manager

Full-time crypto and NFT enthusiast since 2017. Discover potential gems, research projects, and deep dive into blockchain technology for more than 8 hours daily. An early supporter of Solana and luna. She is also a DJ who creates clubs, parties, and events at the world's top 100 clubs, works along with world-famous DJs and producers.

Digital Dynamo
Justin R.
Social Media Manager

Over 2 decades of e-commerce and digital marketing background. Passionate in anything tech related.


Got questions? We are here to help.

Our mission is to spread our passion for basketball to the next generation. We are doing it by bringing together a global community to gather and develop resources that can help those who are less fortune

Kong Ballers are living on Earth69420, a.k.a Planet K, in the multiverse on the Solana blockchain. Kong Ballers are inspired by the love of basketball, their favorite sport, from Earth0. Hence together they formed the KBA - the most ferocious basketball association in the Multiverse. Now they are spreading the love of the game to pay tribute to fellow earthlings.

Years ago, the founders were brought together from their love of basketball. One day, they were discussing NFT’s and realized there weren’t many basketball-themed NFT’s in the market. They decided to create an NFT project based on the memorable moments and ideas basketball has given them. Their current vision of the project is to give back to the basketball community and focus on helping the younger generation, by improving their game.

The Kong Ballers public sale will be on Q2 2022, only on this website. The exact time will be announced soon. Follow our Instagram, Twitter and join our discord for the update

Kong Ballers has 5 special series to pay tribute to the ballers in Earth0. The series will be revealed in the coming weeks. Follow our Instagram, Twitter and join our discord for the reveling.

There are a total of 5 series with a pre-sale for each, and an opportunity to get a rare NFT, which will be at least 4 times greater than the public mint for that series.

Whitelist spots are very limited. Leading up to the project launch, there will be whitelist giveaway campaigns and contests for each pre-sale. Follow our Instagram, Twitter and join our discord for the announcement

We are planning to hold a monthly eSport tournament and the prize will be unique tournament winner series NFTs, which has not appeared in the previous collection. Only the Kong Ballers NFT holders are eligible to join the tournaments. We will discuss with the community to iron out the details.

There will be a fantasy basketball tournament and the prize will be unique fantasy winner series NFTs, which has not appeared in the previous collection. Only the Kong Ballers NFT holders are eligible to join. We will discuss with the community to iron out the details.

1. Basketball Training Camps - We are planning to hold youth basketball camps in different locations. We aim to fund these camps for privileged young ballers and families. We hope to give these talented young ballers a chance to shine.
2. Sneaker Donation - The plan is to purchase basketball sneakers and send them to those that need them the most. We will, later on, discuss with the communities to decide on the details.

Yes you have ownership and commercial usage rights of the NFT purchased.